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Importance of an Annual Pet Exam

Importance of an Annual Pet Exam

Your pets are part of your family. You want to make sure they have a long and healthy life. They cannot make their own decisions about healthcare; they count on you to take care of them. At Sheehy Animal Hospital, our veterinarian provides a variety of services to the residents of Livonia and surrounding areas. A yearly exam is something that all pets benefit from whether you have a dog, a cat, other small animal, or even an exotic pet.

Preventive Healthcare

An annual exam is an important part of your pet's preventive healthcare. Our vet will give your pet a thorough pet exam which includes all parts of their body. An annual pet exam is as important as your own annual exam. Early detection of serious conditions can lead to a better outcome.

What Is Included In A Pet Exam?

When you bring your pet in for their annual exam they will be checked from head to tail. Your pet will be weighed. Our veterinarian will want to discuss your pet's lifestyle. How is their appetite? How active are they? Are they getting enough exercise? If your pet is overweight, the discussion may turn to the amount of treats your pet gets or the food they are eating. If they are underweight possible causes will be discussed.

Our vet will then run their hands over your pet's body looking for anything unusual. They can find lumps, hip and leg issues and sensitive spots. Many things are hard to see with your eyes and you may not notice them yourself. The veterinarian will also listen to your pet's heart and lungs.

A check of ears and teeth can detect many issues and your pets’ ears may need cleaning. The teeth may need dental care. Dental issues especially gums are concerning and can lead to even more serious issues if left untreated.

Vaccinations will be updated during the annual exam as well as heartworm testing and discussion of flea and tick prevention.

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When you are ready to schedule your pet's annual pet exam, call us at Sheehy Animal Hospital in Livonia at 248-206-3030.

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