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Ear Mites

Ear mites are common parasites found in pets and exotic animals that can cause major discomfort. While ear mites can make your pets’ life miserable, they are treatable with medications. If you suspect that your furry animals have ear mites, schedule an appointment with our veterinarian at Sheehy Animal Hospital in Livonia, MI for an examination.

Ear Mites

What Are Ear Mites?

Ear mites, also known as otodectes cynotis, are a parasitic infection that affects cats, dogs, and exotic animals. These tiny parasites are highly contagious, and are easily transmittable through social interactions, including playing and sleeping together. Ear mites have a life cycle of two months, and during this time, they continue to reproduce. The infestation does not take long to occur.

Symptoms of Ear Mites

Symptoms will differ with each pet due to the severity of infection. Common symptoms include:

    • Constant scratching of the ears or shaking the head
    • A crusty or dark waxy discharge from the ears
    • Hair loss around the ears due to excessive grooming
    • Crusty rash or skin lesions around the ears
    • Large blood blisters

Preventing Ear Mites

Monthly checkups and ear cleanings can keep your pets safe from these parasites. Having a clean environment also helps. Make sure to wash your furry animals’ bedding in hot water and dry it completely. Also, ensure to vacuum areas where your beloved animals love to spend the most time in. Loose hairs can carry ear mites, so you may need to have your pets groomed to reduce the chances of infection.

Treatment for Ear Mites

Although you may be tempted to try a home remedy to get rid of ear mites, it’s best to leave the care of this parasite to our veterinarian. Once your pet has been diagnosed, you may need to bring all of your pets to our animal hospital for treatment. Our vet will clean your pets’ ears completely to remove as many of the mites as possible. Then ear medication will be applied into your furry animals’ ears. In cases of a severe infestation, our doctor may also prescribe an antibiotic to prevent an infection.

If you have questions about ear mites, or if you suspect your pets have an ear mite infestation, contact our veterinarian at the Sheehy Animal Hospital in Livonia, MI at (248) 615-7670. Our vet is able to treat ear mites, bringing comfort back to your pets.

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