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Pet Dermatology

An Overview of Pet Dermatology from Sheehy Animal Hospital

The skin is the largest organ in the body. As a result, there are a number of problems that can arise in this area. Like people, pets can have dermatology issues as well. When dermatology issues arise, it is important to see a doctor who specializes in this area. We take a lot of pride in the pet dermatology services that we provide. The dedicated team from Sheehy Animal Hospital is here to make sure that everyone in the Livonia area has access to a Livonia Animal Hospital that can handle dermatology pet care issues.


Common Problems Seen in Pet Dermatology

As veterinary providers who specialize in pet dermatology, there are a number of common problems that we see. Some of the most common pet dermatology problems that we see include:

RashA rash is one of the most common reasons why people come to see us. Often, the rashes are already quite bad when we see them because multiple treatments have been tried and have failed. There are a number of common reasons why pets might have developed a rash. Some of these include allergic reactions and infections. We can get to the bottom of almost any rash.

InfectionAnother common reason why pets come to our hospital is that there is an infection. It takes a skilled veterinarian to figure out whether or not the infection on the skin is coming from a bacteria, virus, or even a parasite.

Fur loss Finally, we also see a lot of dermatology issues that have to do with fur loss. At our Livonia animal hospital, we know that it can be hard for someone to see their pets lose their hair. This is a common dermatology issue that has a lot of possible causes. Count on our veterinary team to get to the bottom of fur loss issues.

Rely on a Veterinarian from Sheehy Animal Hospital

These are only a few of the many dermatology services that our doctors can provide to all of our patients. It is important for every pet to go to a medical provider who can handle dermatology issues. That is where we come in. To learn more about our dermatologist services, please call Sheehy Animal Hospital. We take a lot of pride in providing dermatology care to all pets including exotics. We know that dermatology problems can get out of hand quickly. That is why we work quickly to address the needs of all of our patients. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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