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Mast Cell Tumor (Mastocytoma) in Cats

We Are Your Livonia Veterinarian for All of Your Pet Care Needs

If you are looking for a Livonia Animal Hospital that offers quality veterinary care to your pet from domestic to exotic pets, look no further than Sheehy Animal Hospital. We serve the area pets with the best in care for exams, dental check-ups and services, vaccinations, surgery, dermatology, parasite prevention, senior wellness, and more. We treat cats with Mastocytoma in clinic, so if your pet shows signs of tumors, don't fret, just give us a call to set up an appointment.

We Are Your Livonia Veterinarian for All of Your Pet Care Needs

What Is Mastocytoma?

Mastocytoma, a.k.a. Mast cell tumors, are tumors that consist of mast cells. These cells are a type of white blood cells and occasionally they can turn into a tumor on your pet's skin or internal organs. Mast Cell tumors of the skin are benign 90% of the time. This means that they are not cancerous, nor particularly worrisome. Mast Cell Tumors of the internal organs can cause negative symptoms and are more problematic than those on the skin. Cats over four years old have a higher risk of having these tumors.

Symptoms of mast cell tumors on the skin include hairless raised bumps or lumps that your cat may or may not itch at depending on his body's histamine reaction to the tumor. Symptoms of mast cell tumors on internal organs include lethargy, weight loss from decreased appetite, vomiting, and general illness in your pet.

How Can We Treat Mast Cell Tumors?

The first step is diagnoses. We typically do a simple biopsy on tumors of the skin, and a more complex biopsy on internal tumors. Once we have officially diagnosed the mast cell tumor, we offer you a treatment plan.

Treatment for skin tumors is typically simple removal of the mass without too much discomfort for your cat. If your cat has a skin mastocytoma his prognosis is good, and he will likely live a long healthy life after treatment.

Internal tumors are more complex. We will remove the tumor from the affected area, and the long term prognosis will depend on the area the tumor is located. If it is in a localized area then the prognosis is better than the tumor spreading out. 

Contact Us for More Information about Mast Cell Tumors and to Schedule Your Pet's Appointment Today

If your pet shows signs of mast cell tumors, or other conditions, or if your pet is in need of a basic check-up, call us at Sheehy Animal Hospital. We serve the Livonia area with quality pet care for your cats, dogs, birds, pockets pets, and exotics. Call today, (248) 615-7670.

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