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Flea & Tick

Flea and Tick Treatment

Flea and tick prevention can help keep your pet safe and healthy, as well as protect your family. Visiting a veterinarian can provide you with information, answer your questions, and offer tactics to fight against fleas and ticks. Sheehy Animal Hospital in Livonia offers pet care services, including flea and tick prevention. We also provide exotic pet care treatments, ensuring the health of all the pets in your family. 

flea and tick

 How can my pet get fleas or ticks?

Pets can be exposed to fleas and ticks in various places, such as when they go outside for a walk or when they come into close contact with other animals infested with these parasites. Fleas prefer humid and shady areas and can be carried by many animal hosts, including wild animals like foxes, skunks, birds, and rodents. Additionally, fleas can jump long distances from infected animals to pets and humans as they pass by.

What is flea and tick prevention at a veterinarian?

Flea and tick prevention involves a combination of products and therapies that a veterinarian recommends helping keep your pet free of infestations caused by these parasites. Fleas are tiny insects that feed on the blood of animals and people, while ticks are a form of arachnid, like spiders or mites. Both parasites can cause discomfort for your pet and carry diseases that can harm both pets and humans.

Ticks also prefer humid and shady environments, such as woods, weeds, tall grasses, and shrubs. However, like fleas, ticks can jump onto you or your pet and attach themselves when you walk through tall grass or weeds.

Why is flea and tick prevention important?

Fleas and ticks cause several problems for pets, including skin irritation and discomfort from their bites. In some cases, pets can have an allergic reaction to the parasite's saliva, leading to additional pain. Moreover, ticks and fleas can carry diseases that can be transmitted to your pet, causing illness in both pets and humans. Some conditions can even be life-threatening or result in chronic, lifelong symptoms. Therefore, flea and tick prevention is crucial in order to avoid these problems.

Schedule an Appointment with Our Vets at Sheehy Animal Hospital in Livonia

To learn more about flea and tick prevention, visit a veterinarian. Your veterinarian can provide pet care, including exotic pet care, and offer tips, tricks, and treatments for flea and tick prevention. The veterinary care team at Sheehy Animal Hospital is dedicated to keeping our pet patients happy, healthy, and free from parasites. Call our office at (248) 615-7670 to schedule an appointment with one of our vets and start your pet's flea and tick prevention.

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