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Skin Infections

Pet Skin Infections

Sheehy Animal Hospital in Livonia, MI, is one of the top vet animal hospital in the surrounding area. Each veterinarian at our facility strives to provide only the highest quality pet care, treatments, and technology. We love animals and want to see every pet living a happy, healthy life. 

skin infections

Skin issues are the second most common problem in dogs. The causes and symptoms come in various ways and may look like something else. Our vets can diagnose the exact infection and cause through comprehensive exams and testing.

Causes of Skin Infection

There are many reasons why your pet may pick up a skin infection. Some breeds are predisposed to get them. Sometimes, it’s a hormone imbalance, parasites, bacteria, fungi, or yeast. In addition, these infections can be caused by allergies, a wound that hasn’t healed, or poor grooming. These are some skin infections that can affect your pet:

    • Yeast infections
    • Bacterial infections
    • Allergic dermatitis
    • Folliculitis
    • Impetigo
    • Seborrhea
    • Ringworm
    • Mange
    • Dry, flaky skin

How Our Veterinarian Diagnoses a Pet Skin Infection

A full wellness exam and testing are how our vets will determine the correct diagnosis and prepare the right treatment to soothe your pet’s pain and discomfort. You must follow your vet’s instructions at home to ensure your pet completely overcomes the infection. These are ways your vet diagnoses your pet’s skin condition:

    • Visual exam
    • Blood tests
    • Urine tests
    • Cell cultures

Treatment Options for Pet Skin Infections

At Sheehy Animal Hospital, our vet is on standby to help you and your pet. We understand how frightening and painful skin infections can be and want to help. The services we offer are included below:

    • Antibiotics
    • Topical shampoos and sprays
    • Topical antibacterial ointments
    • Prescription medications
    • Diet plans
    • Other fungal, flea, or parasite treatments

Contact Sheehy Animal Hospital

If you suspect your pet has a skin infection, seek veterinary attention immediately. Our veterinarians will perform a thorough examination and may recommend additional tests, such as skin scrapings, cultures, or allergy tests, to determine the underlying cause of the infection.

The professional and compassionate veterinarian team at Sheehy Animal Hospital in Livonia, MI, understands the difficult emotions when your pet is ill. Our friendly team will provide the best pet care treatments and services to suit your pet’s needs. Call our wonderful staff today at (248) 615-7670 and schedule your pet’s appointment. Our passion is helping animals.

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  • "I love this veterinary clinic. Dr. Sheehy and staff are all friendly and seem to take pride in their jobs. I enjoy taking my three rats there and would recommend them to everyone I know."
    Cheyenne H / Livonia, MI

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