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Pet Vaccines

Sheehy Animal Hospital is a comprehensive veterinarian care center in Livonia. Our dedicated staff provides exceptional care and resources for you and your pets. Pet vaccinations are an essential aspect of keeping your pet healthy. Many pet vaccines are standard and required by law while others will be recommended based on your pet’s breed and lifestyle.

Pet Vaccines

Vaccinating Your Pet

Many pets are vaccinated at an early age. Our veterinarian will develop a vaccination schedule consisting of core and non-core vaccines.

Core Canine Vaccines

  • Rabies: Rabies is highly contagious and often fatal. Rabies vaccines can be given to dogs as early as 3 months of age.
  • Distemper: Distemper is a serious disease that does permanent damage to a pet’s body. Puppies can be given this vaccine between 6 and 16 weeks of age.
  • Parvovirus: Parvovirus can cause severe problems such as vomiting and bloody diarrhea. It’s very contagious to other dogs and, if left untreated, can be fatal. Puppies can be given this vaccine between 6 and 16 weeks of age.
  • Adenovirus: There are two types of this vaccine. Type 1 is for canine hepatitis and type 2 is kennel cough.

Non-core vaccinations include Parainfluenza, Bordatella, Lyme, Leptospirosis, Canine Influenza, and more.

Core Feline Vaccines

  • Rabies: Rabies can be fatal to cats. There is no treatment for rabies in cats, so kittens and cats must be vaccinated early.
  • Feline Distemper: This disease is highly contagious and can be fatal.
  • Feline Herpesvirus: This is an upper respiratory condition that is contagious to other cats.
  • Calicivirus: This upper respiratory condition can cause fever, mouth ulcers, joint pain, and extreme weight loss.

Non-core vaccinations include Feline Leukemia and Bordatella. 

Side Effects of Vaccinations

Side effects will vary from pet to pet, depending on the vaccination given. It’s important to watch your pet closely after he’s been vaccinated. Most pets will exhibit zero side effects. A pet can experience mild soreness at the injection site, though this is rare. Watch, though, for fever or allergic reaction. If your pet is lethargic or has a loss of appetite, a call to the vet is in order.

Contact Our Veterinarian in Livonia for Pet Vaccines

At Sheehy Animal Hospital, we have been providing pet owners in Livonia with pet vaccination services for many years. Call us today at (248) 615-7670 for more information on the available vaccines or to schedule an appointment with our veterinarian.   

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