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Our Livonia Pet Care Team is On the Alert for Allergies

Most humans have occasional sneezing attacks, watery eyes or suffer from a runny nose, typically contributed to contact with an irritant or specific allergic sensitivities. With that in mind, it’s only natural that our pets would have similar symptoms when they encounter things that stress their immune systems. Here at Sheehy Animal Hospital, we believe that treating pet allergies is an essential aspect of Livonia pet care to keep your furry friend or exotic pet comfortable, happy, and healthy year round.

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Common Pet Allergies Requiring Animal Care in Livonia, MI

Sneezing and watery eyes and noses are the most typical reactions pets have. However, certain allergies often create additional symptoms such as excessive scratching and gnawing at certain places on the skin. These allergens are typically triggered by inhaled irritants and contact allergies with due to grass, toxic plants, bites or the introduction of a new food.

Common symptoms include ‘hot spots’ which appear excessively red and feel warm and your pet may resist being touched there. You may also notice signs of a skin infection, sores, hives or scaly skin beneath the fur. Allergies can also cause overall lethargy, and their nose may also be dry to the touch while their sinuses are draining. Fortunately, Livonia pet care for common allergies can be as simple as administering them an oral or injectable medication and eliminating contact with their allergen triggers.

Critical Pet Allergies That Need Immediate Care at our Animal Hospital

If your pet is having any type of serious allergic reaction, they will require immediate assistance from the nearest animal care facility. If you have an indoor pet, eating a toxic plant or a food allergy will be your greatest risk if you change your dog or cat’s diet. However, if they spend time outdoors, they can also encounter toxic animals, snakes, spiders, wild mushrooms and other potential sources. Severe allergic reactions can cause erratic behaviors and other symptoms like foaming at the mouth, signs of shock, excessive thirst and urination, swelling, breathing complications, extreme vomiting, and severe diarrhea. Take your pet to an animal hospital immediately when these signs are present.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Pet Allergies

The first thing we will do is stabilize your pet in emergency situations by treating their immediate symptoms. In non-emergencies (and after emergencies are stabilized) we'll ask you a series of questions to help determine what causes your pet’s allergy symptoms. If the answers aren’t obvious to our veterinarian in Livonia, we may run a reactive test to identify the suspected allergen. Dr. Sheehy will recommend allergy treatments based on their condition, and she will advise you how to help your pet avoid triggers.

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