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Heat Stroke in Dogs & Cats: Prevent Your Pet from Overheating

How to Prevent Your Pets from Overheating and Heat Stroke

Summer is fast approaching, and the weather will be warming across much of the United States. If you’ve been looking forward to hot days under the sun, you’re in luck. However, if you’re a pet owner, you must ensure your cat, dog, or other animal doesn’t overheat this summer. Talk with a veterinarian at Sheehy Animal Hospital in Livonia to learn some vital tips for keeping your pets cool.

Heat stroke is a major issue for pets, and if you’re not careful this summer, your companion could end up seriously hurt, and in a worst-case scenario, your pet could pass away. So let’s look at some pet tips for keeping your animal safe this summer.

Tips to Keep Your Pet Cool and Safe

First, make sure you don’t over-exert your pet, especially on hot days. If your pet is panting a lot or seems sluggish, let your pet rest. This is especially important if you’re engaging in strenuous activity, say a long hike or playing fetch at the local beach.

If your cat or dog will be joining you on any long car rides, make sure you bring a bowl and a bottle of water to give your companion a drink. Dehydration is a serious summer risk for pets.

You should set up a cool area your pet can retreat to on warm days at home. If you have a basement, this is a great option. No basement? Consider setting up a room, say a spare bedroom, where the air conditioner is set low. If you don’t have central AC, consider installing a window unit. Fans can also help if AC is not available.

At Risk Smaller Pets

So far, we’ve talked mostly about cats and dogs. However, heat seriously threatens many pocket pets, especially guinea pigs and other small animals. Ensure you provide the appropriate temperature for pocket pets to protect them from heat stroke.

Contact Sheehy Animal Hospital for Summer Pet Exams and Urgent Care!

If you believe your pet is suffering from a heat stroke, it’s vital to take them to an animal hospital immediately for emergency pet care. Time is of the essence, so call our office at (248) 615-7670.

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