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Foxtails and Spring Hazards

Spring time is a great opportunity for your pet to get outside and enjoy some fresh air. However, there are several spring hazards you need to look out for, including the foxtail plant. At Sheehy Animal Hospital in Livonia, MI, our veterinarian will treat your pet and guide you on how to avoid dangerous spring hazards. We want your pet to live a happy, healthy life.

Why Are Foxtails a Spring Hazard?

Foxtail plants are tall, thin clusters of grass that disperse seeds. They may look pretty, but brushing up against a single foxtail can lead to serious injury for your pet. As the spiny heads of the seeds attach to your pet's fur, the foxtail digs into your pet's skin. The seeds can get caught in your dog's face and enter the nose, eyes, or mouth, leading to an infection that could threaten your pet's life.

Foxtails are a common hazard in most states. Whether you stay home or you travel, you should be aware of this common spring hazard and the symptoms that exposure may cause.

The Symptoms of Foxtail Injury

Symptoms of a foxtail injury depend heavily on where the injury has occurred. For example, you may notice a lot of sneezing if the foxtail barb gets into your pet's nose, or you might notice skin inflammation of the barb is embedded in the skin. Other symptoms include tilting the head to get barbs out of ears and skin or limping. You may not notice the barbs until you spot signs of infection.

Other Spring Hazards

In the spring, you also need to be aware of other common spring hazards. Some of these include fleas and ticks, fertilizer, thawing ponds, and more. It is important to stay close to your pet while it is outside to make sure it is safe. The team at our Livonia animal hospital can educate you on more hazards in your area.

Visit Our Veterinarian in Livonia, MI for Pet Safety Guidance

No matter what kind of spring hazards you run into, you need to consult with our vet if you notice that your pet is uncomfortable or in pain. At Sheehy Animal Hospital in Livonia, MI, our veterinarian will treat your pet and answer your questions. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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