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Senior Pet Wellness FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Senior Pet Wellness

Just like people, as animals age, they can develop particular health complaints. They face new issues, whether you have a dog, a cat, or something more exotic. Your veterinarian can help you work through some of the most common problems.

What are some common aging issues in dogs?

As dogs age, they tend to develop specific veterinary complaints. Kidney function may decline, and digestive issues may surface in your dog. As a result, your dog may develop incontinence and bowel control difficulties. Your dog may also develop symptoms similar to Alzheimer's disease or dementia. As with people, the cognitive decline of your pet dog cannot be reversed, but it can be slowed with diet and other treatment options. Elderly dogs are prone to cancer and other skin disorders. Not all bumps and skin problems are cancerous and can be treated, but any issues should be examined. Finally, dogs are subject to arthritis and other joint complaints.

What are some common aging issues in cats?

Elderly cats have many of the same problems as elderly dogs, but face unique difficulties. For example, many elderly cats find an ordinary litter box challenging and may seek other venues for their relief. Fortunately, special litter boxes with lower walls are available for elderly cats. In addition, some cats find self-grooming challenging as they grow older, and they may begin to develop matted hair or even have hair fall out. If your cat starts to have grooming or self-care issues, you should brush the cat more often. If the cat is reluctant when touched, special grooming gloves allow you to comb the cat while gently petting it.

Do exotic pets have special needs as they age?

Any unusual pet, from a tortoise to a tarantula, requires exceptional care at any age. If you have an exotic pet, you should learn to care for it properly and meet its exact needs. Your veterinarian can give you exact details as you bring your animal friend in for examination.

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