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Allergies and Ear Infections

Vet Care For Allergies and Ear Infections

Allergies and ear infections are major problems for cats, dogs, and other animals. Fortunately, treatment for allergies and ear infections can provide your pets with much-needed relief. If you live in or near Livonia, get in touch with our team at Sheehy Animal Hospital to speak with one of our veterinarians about treatment for pet allergies, ear infections, and other common health issues that affect your pets.

Treating Allergies and Ear Infections in Pets

If your pet suffers from allergies or an ear infection, a vet can prescribe treatment. First, it is important to determine what is causing the problem. Like humans, many pets suffer from seasonal allergies caused by pollen and other environmental issues.

In humans, sneezing, coughing, and red eyes are common symptoms of allergies. Cats, dogs, and other pets can exhibit similar symptoms. Animals that are suffering from allergies also frequently have skin issues, including rashes, sores, and other dermatological problems.

Pollen, mold, perfumes, soaps, and other things can cause allergic reactions in your pets. If your pet’s allergies seem to coincide with certain seasons, pollen and nearby plants may be the cause. However, it is smart to work with a veterinarian to pin down the cause of your pet’s allergies before giving allergy medication to help your pet.

Putting HEPA filters in your home and avoiding certain areas that may have plants that are causing a reaction among your pets may help. Our veterinarians can prescribe medications, including antihistamines if needed. Talk with a vet about proper doses and which medications are safe for your pet, and never give your pet any medication that is intended for humans.

Ear Infections

Another major problem for cats, dogs, and other pets is ear infections. Ear infections may be caused by mites, bacteria, mold, or the result of an allergic reaction. Ear infections can reoccur frequently and without veterinary care, they can be difficult to get under control.

There is a risk that your pet may suffer permanent hearing loss if an ear infection is not properly treated. At the very least, your dog, cat, or other pet is likely to suffer a lot of pain until the infection is brought under control. The right medications and veterinary care can provide pain relief and help speed up the healing process.

Get Quality Veterinary Care in Livonia, MI

Schedule a pet exam at Sheehy Animal Hospital. Our veterinarians will check for allergies, ear infections, and other common health issues to help your pet stay happy and healthy for years to come. Call us today at (248) 615-7670.

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