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Heartworm Prevention

Heartworm Prevention with our Livonia Veterinarian

Heartworm Treatment

Heartworm is a serious and potentially life-threatening disease for pets. If you suspect your pet may be suffering from heartworm disease it is imperative to bring them to see our veterinarian at Sheehy Animal Hospital in Livonia.

What is Heartworm Disease?  

Heartworm disease is prompted by large worms (approximately a foot in length) that live inside your pets’ heart, lungs, as well as certain blood vessels. These worms can cause heart failure, serious lung diseases, and even affect other organs in your dog or cats body. Heartworm diseases affects dogs and cats very differently, although, the outcome is the same.

Heartworm in Dogs

Heartworm in dogs is common, which is why your pets’ veterinarian at Sheehy Animal Hospital in Livonia will always inquiry about heartworm testing and prevention. With dog,s it is not uncommon for heartworm to be present if preventive measures are not taken – such as heartworm medication. It is not unheard of for a dog to have hundreds of heartworms.

Heartworm in Cats

Heartworms in cats are not as common, as they are in dogs. Heartworm do not generally survive very long in cats and rarely mature to the adult stage. Although, immature heartworm can still cause serious respiratory diseases in cats which requires immediate medical attention from our veterinarian at Sheehy Animal Hospital in Livonia. Most importantly our veterinarian stresses that the medication used for dogs cannot be used for cats. Therefore, the only way to prevent cats from getting heartworm disease is by prevention.

Heartworm Causes

Pets get heartworm from an infected mosquito. If the mosquito bites the dog or cat they become a host for the heartworm if preventive measures are not taken.

To protect your pet from heartworm disease be sure to take them for their annual visit with our veterinarian at Sheehy Animal Hospital in Livonia. If you notice signs or symptoms of heartworm disease or if your pet is not feeling well call our office at (248) 615-7670 today to schedule an appointment.

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